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Grow With Google

Training, tools, and resources to help you grow your skills, career, or business.


Helping 9 million Americans grow their skills


75% of people report an improvement in their career.

2.4+ Billiion

In 2021, Google helped drive over 2.4 billion direct connections

Grow With Google’s Mission

Google is inspired to see what people do when they have access to technology. They know that people are changing the world through their own creativity and passion and that sometimes technology lends a hand. So Google wanted to do their part to make sure that technology brings opportunity to everyone.

That is why Grow with Google was created

Now more than ever, Americans need digital skills to land the jobs they want, advance their careers, and grow their businesses. Grow with Google aims to help by providing training, tools and expertise.

Since 2017, more than nine million Americans have grown their businesses and careers with help from Grow with Google’s trainings and in-person workshops. And through a network of more than 8,000 partner organizations1 – including local libraries, schools, and nonprofits—more people across the country have access to their online tools and flexible programs.

Google believes that technology has the power to unlock new opportunities for growth. When those opportunities are available to everyone, communities across the country can achieve their full potential.


Grow with Google has helped 9 million Americans grow their skills, careers and businesses.


100,000 Google Career Certificate scholarships funded and distributed through nonprofits, workforce development boards, and other community organizations.

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Of Google Career Certificate graduates report an improvement in their career within 6 months of certificate completion.*

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2.4 Billion+

Every month in 2021, Google helped drive over 2.4 billion direct connections, including phone calls, requests for directions, messages, bookings, and reviews for American businesses.

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In 2021, Google Search, Google Play, Google Cloud, YouTube, and Google advertising tools helped provide $617 billion of economic activity for millions of American businesses, nonprofits, publishers, creators and developers.

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