Our Approach

In the United States, the racial wealth gap is stark. Facing systemic inequalities, economic barriers and opportunity gaps, millions of qualified Black talent are prevented from fulfilling their potential and achieving success. At OneTen, we’re changing that.

What We’re Doing

We’re opening up new pathways for Black talent to succeed for generations to come.

Learn how OneTen’s skills-first approach is disrupting status quo hiring practices—and unlocking career opportunities for Black talent across the US.

Explore Our Impact

We’re proud of the momentum we’ve gained and the progress we’ve made so far. See the numbers – and read the stories – for yourself.

Hiring, Promoting, and Advancing One Million Black Talent

We’re on a mission to hire, promote, and advance one million Black talent into family-sustaining jobs in ten years.

It’s an ambitious goal, we know. But it’s one we can achieve by taking actionable, sustainable steps, backed by a coalition of committed employers, sought-after talent developers and community partners that center Black talent and unlock opportunities for earned success.

Our Current Action Plan

Here’s how we’re working towards our goals – and making a tangible difference in the employment landscape.

Working with Companies

We work with companies to remove the degree barrier and adopt skills-first hiring approaches that unlock career opportunities for Black talent.

Cultivating an Ecosystem

We are cultivating an ecosystem of these committed employers alongside talent developers, community partners and support service providers to open up new pathways for Black talent to earn success.

Engaging Employer and Community Development Leads

We engage employer and community development leads in local markets to help us ensure the right conditions exist to succeed at the local level.

Leveraging Smart Technology

We leverage smart technology to match Black talent with high-paying jobs based on skills and experience, not four-year degrees, on our Career Marketplace.

Ready to Join the Movement?

There are lots of ways to get involved with OneTen, from joining our Career Marketplace to becoming a coalition partner.