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Dedicated to improving learners’ skills and capabilities at work through high-quality professional education that expands opportunity, fulfills passions, and positively impacts the future of individuals, organizations, and businesses.

Empower your potential with CareerCatalyst

Building new skills and capabilities is essential to moving ahead in today’s changing workplace. Job-relevant education from CareerCatalyst empowers you to develop the professional and technical career skills you need to reach your goals. Our accessible online platform provides access to hundreds of high-quality learning programs to support your success at every stage of your career.

CareerCatalyst is here to transform your learning into professional achievement, and inspire a lifetime of learning and skills attainment. Now there’s nothing holding you back from achieving your highest ambitions.

A top-tier, research university for the future of work

#1 in the U.S. for innovation

U.S. News & World Report, 2016 – 2022

A top public university

U.S. News & World Report, 2021

#6 among U.S. universities for tech company hires

SHL, 2020

Workforce trends demand an innovative approach to workforce education


50% of all employees around the world will need reskilling by 2025.

12 million

By 2025, created technology will create at least 12 million more jobs than it destroys.

<5 years

The half-life of a job skill is less than 5 years and even shorter for technical skills.

Developing skills at every level

We recognize that each person has unique needs no matter where they are in their career journey. That’s why we work with leading ASU faculty to develop competency-based courses designed to meet learners where they are.

CareerCatalyst’s comprehensive approach to skills education

These are skills required for any employee to be successful at an organization. It is a skillset acquired in entry-level jobs; rarely taught comprehensively by schools. Many times we achieve these skillsets and we do not even know it.