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Our Impact

OneTen has had a transformative impact on Black talent by connecting them with meaningful job opportunities, providing access to resources for skill development, and facilitating pathways to career advancement, thereby empowering Black individuals to unlock their full potential and achieve economic prosperity.

Cultivating an ecosystem to scale progress

We connect talented Black individuals without a four-year college degree with leading education and skill-building organizations, committed employers with family-sustaining jobs and wraparound support services.

OneTen’s Impact at a Glance


Jobs Filled


Targeted Industries



Successfully Help Filling 45,000 Jobs

By leveraging its extensive network and resources, OneTen has facilitated targeted hiring initiatives, skill development programs, and mentorship opportunities, ensuring that Black individuals have access to well-paying jobs and pathways for career advancement. This impressive achievement of creating 45,000 jobs demonstrates OneTen’s dedication to empowering Black talent, promoting equity, and transforming the workforce landscape for the better.

Pioneering Access to Careers in 20+ Industries

OneTen is revolutionizing access to career opportunities by creating pathways across 20+ industries. With a mission to bridge the employment gap and promote diversity, OneTen has spearheaded initiatives to connect Black talent with employers from a wide range of sectors. Through strategic partnerships and innovative programs, OneTen is breaking down barriers, providing skills training, and facilitating meaningful connections that enable individuals to thrive in diverse professional fields.

Cultivating a Robust Network of Over 100+ Partnerships.

OneTen has achieved a remarkable feat by cultivating a robust network of over 100+ partnerships. With an unwavering commitment to promoting workforce equity and expanding opportunities, OneTen has forged powerful alliances across various sectors. Through these collaborations, OneTen aims to drive transformative change, empowering Black talent and fostering a more inclusive and diverse labor market. By leveraging the collective expertise and resources of its extensive partner network, OneTen is at the forefront of catalyzing sustainable progress in bridging the opportunity gap and building a brighter future for Black talent.

Ready to Join the Movement?

There are lots of ways to get involved with OneTen, from joining our Career Marketplace to becoming a coalition partner.